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72-hour weather forecast

Offline mode

Distance and automatic itineraries

Advanced map filters

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Navily Premium
Premium features are currently available only on our iOS and Android applications.

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Aperçu application premium

72-hour weather forecast and automatic scoring

72-hour weather forecast

Access 72 hours of weather forecasts and our personalised protection score on all anchorages. Consult the wind and swell forecasts in 3 hour increments for each anchorage and each marina, as well as the temperature and general weather.

Automatic protection score

Our system automatically analyses the weather forecast for each anchorage in order to predict in real time if the anchorage is suitable for the forecasted weather conditions in accordance with the protection data for each anchorage. Finding the right mooring has never been easier.

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Aperçu application premium

Offline mode to access Navily even when at sea

Easy download

Freely draw an area on the map to download all the information for the spots in the area.

Offline map included

Each downloaded area includes an offline map to easily find the best stopover near your destination.

Full data download

The downloaded data includes all the information of the marinas and anchorages: name, photos, comments, telephone numbers, protection, type of seabed...

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Aperçu application premium

Automatic itineraries to your next destination

Calculate the distance to your next destination with an automatic itinerary to follow.

Automatic itineraries

Simply choose a starting point and a destination and the system automatically calculates an itinerary around coasts and shoals.

Detailed waypoints

Each itinerary contains waypoints with GPS coordinates, a heading to follow and a distance. Easily calculate the distance and time needed to reach your next destination.

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Aperçu application premium

Filter spots on the map and easily find what you need

Save time on Navily thanks to our Premium filters to refine your search for the perfect spot.

Show only what you're looking for

Hide all users on the map, marinas or anchorages or use the filters for a more precise search.

Filters for marinas

Identify the marinas that can be booked with Navily, those that accept multihulls, filter by type of mooring, average rating, services, max draft...

Filters for anchorages

Filter by average rating, type of mooring, protection, type of seabed, amenities reachable by dinghy...

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Aperçu application premium

Support the development of Navily

Navily Premium is one of the best ways to support the development of Navily and help us to continuously improve the application. We regularly add new features to the application and Navily Premium will continue to be enriched in the coming months with new features. Thank you in advance for your support !

Navily Premium features are available in our iOS and Android applications but are not yet available on our website.
They will be added soon.